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What Is a Pastoral Council?

Gaining authority from the documents of the Second Vatican Council, Parish Pastoral Councils have developed as consultative bodies that allow the clergy and laity to collaborate on pastoral matters. Through a process of prayer, study, and listening, the pastor along with his Pastoral Council members identify and prioritize ways by which a parish can live out the Gospel message. The Council does not become involved in the day-to-day operation of the parish, but rather envisions and helps to guide decisions about the long-term pastoral needs of the parish.
Every good leader needs good counsel. A pastor can learn from Council members by seeking their practical advice on pastoral matters. He consults with his Pastoral Council because he wants to know what is wise and prudent, knowing that God’s Spirit speaks through His people. A Pastoral Council can offer to the pastor what no expert can offer – judgments about what is right for a particular parish.
The laity, who offer to serve as Pastoral Council members, gain the satisfaction of doing an important task, one which contributes to the well-being of their parish and offers support to their pastor. Council members believe that God’s Spirit is with them helping them to investigate pastoral concerns openly, discuss them and then reach a consensus, and then make a recommendation to the pastor.
The Pastoral Council at Resurrection Parish holds true to these same values, as reflected in our mission statement:

Resurrection Parish’s Pastoral Council Mission Statement

It is the Spirit who gives us life…

A parish does not exist for itself but to fulfill the mission of Christ in the world.
As a Pastoral Council, we commit ourselves to help fulfill this ministry
by encouraging and challenging our brothers and sisters in faith to do the same through our own examples of discipleship.   With this sense of commitment and with love and mutual respect for one another, we strive to truly serve the Lord
both here at Resurrection Parish and beyond.


The Pastoral Council meets at 6:30 PM on the third Tuesday of every month with the exception of the Lenten month closest to Easter, July, and December.

Next Pastoral Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 8, beginning with Committee Meetings at 6:15 PM in Resurrection Church Hall. The meeting will follow at 7:30 PM in Resurrection Church Hall. Click here for the agenda a few day prior to the meeting.



Approved Pastoral Council Minutes

February2016 - No Meeting
March2016 - No Meeting
July2016 - No Meeting
October2016 - No Meeting
December2016 - No Meeting
February2017 - No Meeting
April2017 - No Meeting
May2017  Pending Approval
July2017 - No Meeting


Pastoral Council Bylaws (as amended August 16, 2016):  CLICK HERE

Modern Rules of Order:  CLICK HERE

Resurrection Parish's Committee Structure:  CLICK HERE

Pastoral Council Member Qualifications  CLICK HERE


Send an email to the Pastoral Council Chair





Father George M. Gulash
(814) 539-5788


Bryan Hodos
Pastoral Council Chair
Ex Officio Member of All Committees
(814) 262-8429


Michele Rager
Vice Pastoral Council Chair
(814) 525-4154

Rick Pavic
Pastoral Council Secretary
Properties & Maintenance Representative
(814) 288-1086


Ray Gorman
Liturgy Committee Representative
(814) 536-7442


Joe Strihan
Properties and Maintenance Representative
(814) 539-6845


Mary Hanners
Parish Family Life Committee Representative
(814) 241-0192


Jeff McKissick
Activities Committee Representative
(814) 242-0359


Steve Reasbeck
Education Committee Representative
(814) 288-9924


Larry Sestrich
Finance Council Representative
(814) 255-2344


Faith Thomas
Parish Family Life Committee Representative
(814) 479-2062


Tom Elias
Cemetery Committee Representative
(814) 535-5271


Barb Dryzal
Education Committee Representative
(814) 536-3961


Currently Vacant
Youth Representative








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